Jo-San's Kennels Services

Dog Boarding

Are you going out of town for the week? Can’t find someone you trust to take care of your 4 pawed, furry family member? If you need someone to watch your pet while you are away then you are in need of a Dog Boarding Service.

Jo-San Kennels has been providing reliable dog boarding service for over 40 years. Your pets are in good hands when you bring them to our kennels. We will make sure your dog is well fed, and play time is mandatory. your dog will not want to go home after they have spent time with us.

Pet Grooming

Is your pets’ fur getting out of hand? Are they beginning to smell not so fresh? If the answers to these questions are yes, then our pet grooming services are for you. Our team will lovingly bathe your pet with tried and trusted products to ensure that your pet is fresh and clean. We’ll trim their fur and give them all the necessary treatments to keep them well-groomed and happy.

We know what it’s like having to deal with matted and dirty pet fur. That’s why our skilled and talented staff are on hand to expertly maintain your pets’ grooming needs. Don’t struggle to try to give your special friend a bath or a fur cut. Instead, bring him to the pros that the city trusts most.

Dog Kennels

Do you have a work trip coming up and need a place for your best friend to stay while you are gone? Don’t go crazy trying to call your neighbor three doors down last minute, just give us here at Jo-San Kennels a call today so we can get your pet booked in!

Our Dog Kennels services are the answers to all of your worries! We can have you dog stay overnight or for a longer period in our amazing location, and you can relax no matter where you are with the knowledge that your pup is in good hands!

Puppy Day Care

Are you in need of top-notch puppy day care services? Well, help has arrived. Here, your puppy will be free to roam around in our wide and playful open spaces. We guarantee that we will shower them with love and attention until you’re able to retrieve them. With us on your side, you can rest assured that your pup is in capable hands.

If you’re worried about your little puppy being sad and lonely without you, you can cast your worries aside. Here, they will be surrounded by little puppy friends that will provide him with all the attention he needs. For a top-quality puppy daycare you can trust, it has to be us!

Puppy Kennel

We understand that you may feel a little apprehensive about leaving poor little Fido behind in a puppy kennel. However, we guarantee that our kennels are clean, spacious, and full of love and little puppy friends for your beloved pooch. We will be sure that he gets the fresh air and sunlight that he needs to grow and thrive.

Being without your puppy is never easy. But, we promise we’ll take great care of him. Here at Jo-San’s Kennels we love and care for your pooch as if he were our very own. So, go and enjoy yourself. We’ll take care of everything!

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